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MorVita PURE

100% Organic Plant Fertiliser

MorVita Pure is made from whole fish by enzyme digestion to produce an organic liquid powerhouse fertiliser packed with essential micro nutrients and trace minerals that boost soil & plant health. Suitable for home gardeners and professional growers, and the demnading environment of professional sports grounds and golf courses.

  • Restore the vital micro minerals and micro nutrients in your soil

  • Provide immediate results by direct stimulation with beneficial microbes and probiotics which nourish your roots, letting them absorb nutrients easily

  • Immediate responses, along with rapid uptake of soluble proteins, peptides and amino acids through the roots promoting growth and carbohydrate production

  • Make your salads, fruits, grow big, juicy and tastier

  • Produces larger and healthier flowers

  • Makes your lawn lush, thicker, stronger and greener

MorVita Pure is a professional formulation that has been designed to complement applied fertiliser and to quickly return your soil to its natural microbial state, resulting in enhanced metabolism for optimum plant health and vigour. MorVita Pure supplies micronutrients, proteins, peptides and amino acids that are vital for optimum plant health in all indoor and outdoor plants. The probiotics in MorVita PURE stimulate beneficial microbes, resulting in greater nutrient uptake by plants and enhanced natural pest & disease control.  MorVita PURE is applied in low volumes for an economic liquid treatment for all your plants. 

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Great tasting fruit and veg

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Vibrant colours

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Lush, healthy lawns that are safe for your children and pets

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MorVita increases soil microbes, leading to healthy soil that produces healthy plants

Available in 1L bottle and 5L containers.

Morvita PURE is made through enzyme digestion of whole fish. Inferior products use the waste after fish processing that are deficient of nutrients. Others are simply fish waste mixed with water, called emulsions. MorVita PURE is:

  • Packed full of growth promoting, bioactive materials

  • Safe for your children and pets

  • 100% organic fertiliser

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Ideal for the demanding environments of high quality professional turfgrass surfaces


Shake the bottle before dispensing 



Complete feed: 0.1% (1ml per litre water)

Fertiliser supplement: 0.05% (0.5ml per litre water) 


Soil drench: use as a supplement to NPK fertiliser or on its own

Indoor plants: Dilute 5-10ml per litre water and feed plants every 2-3 weeks.

Outdoor Plants: Dilute 30ml per 5L of water. 

Feed flowers and vegetables every 2 weeks. 

Apply generously to soil to increase beneficial soil microbes. 

Use as a foliar feed by spraying the plant early or late in the day until leaves are wet, top and bottom. 

Trees & Shrubs: Use 75 ml per 5L of water. Bore several small holes in the soil 1 to 2 feet away from the root ball. Fill holes with solution. Feed 2-3 times per season.

Lawns: Dilute 50ml per 10L of water to cover 100m2. Feed lawn every 3-4 weeks

Turfgrass surfaces: Apply every 3-4 weeks at 5 L/Ha in 300-400 litres of water


Concentration of MorVita Pure should not be less than 1% or exceed 5% (volume to volume) in the finished spray solution. Always use enough water for uniform application and to prevent possible plant tissue damage to the intended crop from concentrated droplets. 

Apply during the cool part of the day, or when temperatures are below 28C. 

Do not apply under windy conditions. 

Do not store diluted material.


The MorVita range are the same products used by farmers, growers and turfgrass managers to reduce/eliminate dependency on fertilisers and chemical pesticides. Farmers and growers are now more aware than ever of the economic and environmental benefits of using plant biostimulants and organic fertilisers. South West Agronomy Ltd are dedicated to helping home growers to also produce great plants, lawns and edible produce without damaging the natural environment and risk to personal health.